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Samsung NP-Q430 Q530 NP300E4Z R440 NP275E4V Power Adapter Charger

Samsung NP-Q430 Q530 NP300E4Z R440 NP275E4V Power Adapter Charger
Samsung NP-Q430 Q530 NP300E4Z R440 NP275E4V Power Adapter Charger
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Model:Samsung 19V 3.16A AC Adapter
Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: 19V 3.16A
Power: 60W

*Notebook Adapter Compatible for Laptop Models:
SAMSUNG GT Series: Samsung GT6000, , GT6330 , GT6330XT , GT6360 , GT6360XT Samsung GT6400 , GT6400XV , GT7000, GT7450, GT7600, GT7700 Samsung GT8000 , GT8100 , GT8600 GT8600XT GT8650 GT8650XT Samsung GT8700 , GT8700XTGT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV Samsung GT8800 GT8800XT , GT8800XV, GT8850 GT8850XT Samsung GT8850XTD , GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR Samsung GT8910, GT8910KXV, GT9000, GT9000 PRO SAMSUNG M40, M40Plus SAMSUNG NP-R50 SAMSUNG NX30 SAMUSNG P10 SAMSUNG P20 Series: Samsung P20, P25, P27, P28, P28G, P29 SAMSUNG P30 Series: Samsung P30, P30 XTC 1400, P30 XTM 1700, P30 XVC 1400 Samsung P30 XVM 1500 SAMSUNG P35 Series: Samsung P35, P35 XVM 1500, P35 XVM 1600, P35 XVM1600II Samsung P35 XVM 1600III, P35 XVM 1800 SAMSUNG P40 SAMSUNG Q Serie: Samsung Q1, Q10, Q20, Q25, Q30, Q30 plus Samsung Q30 Rubin 1200, Q30 Silver 1200, Q35 SAMSUNG R45 SAMSUNG R50, R55, R55-T5300 SAMSUNG R65 SAMSUNG T10 SAMSUNG V20 Series: Samsung V20, V20 XVC 2000, V20 XVC 2400, V20 XTC 2000 Samsung V20 CXTC 1700 SAMSUNG V25 Series: Samsung V25, V25 XVC 2000C, V25 XVC 2200C, V25 XVC 2400C II Samsung V25 XVC 25333, V25 XVC 2600C, V25 XVC 2800, V25 XVM 2660 SAMSUNG V30 SAMSUNG VM Series: Samsung VM6000, VM6300, VM6300CT, VM7000, VM7550, VM7550CT Samsung VM7600 , VM7600CT, VM7650, VM7650CT, VM7650CXTD, VM7700 Samsung VM7700XTD, VM8000, VM8080, VM8080CXT , VM8090 Samsung VM8090CT, VM8090CXTD, VM8095, V8095CX, VM8100 Samsung VM8100CX , VM8100CXTD, VM8110XTC, VM8100XTD SAMSUNG X Series: Samsung X1, X2 , X05, X06, X10,X11, X15, X15Plus SAMSUNG X10Plus Series: Samsung X10Plus XTM 1500, X10Plus XTM 1600, X10Plus XTC1800 Samsung X10Plus XTM 1600II, X10Plus XTM 1800, X10Plus XTM 2000 SAMSUNG X20 Series: Samsung X20 XVM 1600, X20 XVM1600II, X20 XVM, SAMSUNG X25 Series: Samsung X25 XVM 1600, X25 XVM 2000 SAMSUNG X30 Series: Samsung X30 WVC 1500, X30 WVC 1700, X30 WVM 1600, X30 WVM 2000 SAMSUNG X50 WVM 1600, X50 WVM 2000 SAMSUNG X60 METROBOOK MetroBook LT / VL
Samsung RC510 RC512 RC518 RC520 RC530 RF510-S01 Power Adapter
Samsung NP-Q430H
Samsung NP-Q430-JA01US
Samsung NP-Q430-JS03US
Samsung NP-Q430-JSB1US
Samsung NP-Q430-JU01US
Samsung NP-Q530...

* Come with Power cord, Free!!
* 3 Month Warranty
* LED power indicator.
* Overload protection.
* Short circuit protection.
* Over temperature protection.
* Compact and lightweight design.
* Perfect fitting and 100%


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