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ASUS X45U A45VD A55VD X75A X75V X75VD B50A Power Adapter Charger

ASUS X45U A45VD A55VD X75A X75V X75VD B50A Power Adapter Charger
ASUS X45U A45VD A55VD X75A X75V X75VD B50A Power Adapter Charger
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Specification :
Model: 19V 4.74A AC Adapter
Input: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output: 19V 4.74A
Power: 90W Connector Size : 5.5*2.5mm

*Notebook Adapter Compatible for Laptop Models:

B43J P42Jc A2C A2000C A2Lp A2000Lp A6Ja A6Jm A6Jc A6000Jc A6K A6Km A6Kt A6000K A6000Km A6T A6Tc A6Ta A6M A6V A6000V A6Va A6000Va A7 A7Vb A7Vc A7V A7D A7Db A7Dc A7G A7Gb A7Gc A7J A7Jb A7Jc A7T A7Tb A7M, A7Mb, A7Mc, A7F, A7F-, A7C, A7Cc, A7S, A7Cd, A7K, A7U, A7Sv, A7Kc, A7Sn A8D, A8Dc, A8J, A8Ja, A8Jc, A8Je, A8Jm, A8Jm, A8Jn, A8Jp, A8Jr, A8Js, A8Jv, A8M, A8N, A8Sc, A8Se, A8Sr, A8Tc, A8Tm, A8Z, A8S, A8T, A42J, A42JA, A42JB, A42JC, A42JE, A42JK, A42Jr, A42JV, A42JY, A42JZ, A42N A52JB, A52JC, A52JE, A52JK, A52Jr, A52JT, A52JU, A52N A72JK, A72Jr B43J F2J, F2Je F3A, F3E, F3J, F3Ja, F3Jc, F3Jm, F3Ja-, F3Jc-, F3Jm-, F3Jp, F3Jr, F3Jv, F3K, F3Ka, F3Ke, F3M, F3P, F3S, F3Sa, F3Sc, F3Se, F3Sg, F3Sr, F3Sv, F3T, F3Tc, F3U F5V, F5VI, F5VL,F5SR,F5SL,F5Z,F5C,F50S F6A, F6S, F6S, F6V, F6V Multi-Color, F6Ve, F6Ve F6A, F6S, F6S, F6V, F6V Multi-Color, F6Ve, F6Ve F7,F7F, F7Sr, F7Kr, F7E, F7L, F7Se, F7Z F7,F7F, F7Sr, F7Kr, F7E, F7L, F7Se, F7Z F8,F8Sa, F8Sv, F8P, F8Sn, F8Sr, F8Sg, F8Sp, F8Va, F8Vr, F8Tr, F8Js, F8Jr, F8V, F8Se F9D,F9Dc, F9S, F9Sg,F9J F50 F50Sf, F50SL, F50Sv F70 F70SL, F70S F80 F80S F81 F81Se F83Se, F83Vf G1, G1S, G1Sn K40AB, K40AC, K40AD, K40AF, K40ID, K40IE, K40IP K42 K42DE, K42DQ, K42DR, K42Ja, K42JB, K42JC, K42Je, K42JK, K42JP, K42Jr, K42JV, K42JY, K42JZ, K42N K50AB, K50AD, K50AF, K50ID, K50IE, K50IP K51Io, K51Ab, K51AC, K51AE K52DE, K52DR, K52DV, K52DY, K52JB, K52JC, K52JE, K52JK, K52Jr, K52JT, K52JU, K52JV, K52N K61IC K62Jr K70AB, K70AC, K70AD, K70AE, K70AF, K70IC, K70ID, K70IO K72DR, K72JK, K72Jr L3D, L3H, L3TP, L3000D, L3000H, L3000TP L4H, L4L, L4000H, L4000L L38, L38C, L38S, L3800, L3800C, LC3800S, L3800S1 L50,L50Vn L80 M50,M50Sv, M5000Sv, M50Vm, M50Sr, M50Vc, M50Vn, N50Vn (CCFL) M51E, M51Sn, M51Sr,M51Se,M51Kr,M51Ta,M51Tr,M51Va,M51Vr, M60,M6Va, M6000Va, M60Vp, M60J M70,M70S, M70Sa, M70Vm, M70Vn, M70Sr, M70Vr, M70T N43 N43JQ, N43Jf, N43Jg, N43JM, N43S N43SD, N43SL, N43SN N50Sa, N50Vn, N50Vc, N50Vm N51Tp, N51Vg, N51Vf, N51A, N51Vn N53 N53Jn, N53Jq, N53Jf, N53Jg, N53JL, N53SD, N53SV, N53SN N60Dp N61Vg, N61Vn, N61Ja, N61Jq, N61Jv, N61DA N70Sv N71Vn, N71Vg, N71Ja, N71Jq, N71Jv, N71Vn N73Jg, N73Jn, N73Jf, N73Jq, N73SV, N73SD N80Vn, N80Vc, N80Vn (CCFL), N80Vr, N80Vm, N80Vn N81Vp, N81Vf, N81Vg N82Jv, N82Jq, N82Jg N90Sv, N90Sc P42Jc P52Jc S37S S62, S62E, S62Ep, S62Fm, S62Fp, S62J, S62Jp S96J, S96Jm, S96S, S96Sp U3, U3S, U3Sg U6S, U6Sg, U6V,U6Vc U30Jc, U30SD U31JG U33Jt, U33Jc U43Jc, U43Jc U53F, U53Jc V1J, V1Jp, V1S, V1Sn, V1V V2Je, V2S VX2, VX2S, VX2SE VX3 W1 W2, W2J, W2Jb, W2000J, W2000Jb, W2P, W2Pb, W2000P, W2000Pb, W2V, W2000, W2000V W3J, W3000J, W3V, W3000V W5F W5V W7J, W7000J, W7S, W7000S X59Sr X71SL, X71A, X71TL, X71Q, X71Vn, X71Tp Z37S Z62F, Z62Fm, Z6200F, Z6200Fm, Z62J, Z62Jm, Z6200J, Z6200Jm Z80, Z80K, Z8000, Z8000K Z83V, Z8300V Z84Jp, Z8400Jp Z92T, Z9200T Z96J, Z96Jm, Z96Js, Z9600J Z97V VX2, VX2S, VX3 N56 N46 N43 N53 N55 K55 K45 K46 K53 K43 A45V A53S A55 A43s A56X A8 F8 X81 A43S X42J A45VD A55VD

Asus G Series
G51J G51Jx G51VX G53JW G53SW G53SX G55VW G60J G60JX G60VX G72GX G73Jh G73Jw G73Sw G74Sx G75VW G75VX G750JW

Asus K Series
K40AB K40AC K40AE K40AF K40C K40ID K40IE K40IJ K40IL K40IN K40IP K41Se K41VD K41VF K42De K42DQ K42Dr K42DY K42F K42JA K42JB K42JK K42JP K42Jr K42Jv K42JY K42JZ K42N K43BR K43BY K43E K43SA K43SD K43SJ K43SM K43SV K43TA K43TK K43U K45A K45DE K45DR K45N K45VD K45VG K45VM K46CM K450CA K450CC K450JF K450VB K450VC K450VE K50AB K50AD K50AE K50AF K50C K50ID K50IE K50IJ K50IL K50IN K51AC K51AE K51IO K52De K52Dr K52DY K52F K52JB K52Jc K52Je K52JK K52Jr K52JT K53BY K53E K53SC K53SD K53SJ K53SK K53SM K53SV K53TA K53TK K53U K53Z K54C K54H K54HR K54HY K54L K55A K55DE K55DR K55N K55VD K55VM K55VS K56CA K56CB K550VB K550VC K60IJ K60IL K60IN K61IC K62F K62Jr K70AB K70AC K70AD K70AE K70AF K70IC K70ID K70IJ K70IL K70IO K72Dr K72DY K72F K72JB K72Jk K73BR K73BY K73E K73SD K73SJ K73SM K73SV K73TA K73TK K75A K75DE K75VD K75VM K84C K84H K84HR K84HY K84L K84LY K93SM K93SV

Asus N Series
N43DA N43JF N43JM N43JQ N43SL N43SM N43SN N45SF N45SL N45VM N46JV N46VB N46VJ N46VM N46VZ N50Vc N50Vg N50Vn N52DA N52JV N53DA N53Jf N53Jg N53Jl N53Jn N53Jq N53SM N53SN N53SV N53Ta N53TK N55SF N55SL N56DP N56VM N56VZ N541LA N550JA N550JV N550LF N60Dp N61Da N61Ja N61Jq N61Jv N61Vf N61Vg N70SV N71Ja N71Jq N71Jv N71Vg N71Vn N73JF N73JG N73Jn N73JQ N73SM N73SV N75SF N75SL N76VM N76VZ N750JV N81A N81Vf N81Vg N81Vp N82JG N82JQ N82JV N90SC N90SV NX90Jn NX90Jq

Asus R Series
R300A R300A1 R400A R400DE R400DR R400N R400VD R400VG R400VM R400VS R401VM R401VZ R402A R402A1 R402U R403A R403C R403U R403VD R403VD1 R404A R404VC R405CA R405CM R500A R500DE R500DR R500N R500VD R500VM R500VS R501DP R501VJ R501VM R501VZ R502A R502A1 R502U R503A R503C R503CR R503U R503VD R503VDR R505CA R505CM R700A R700DE R700VD R700VM R701VM R701VZ R704A R704A1 R704VD R704VD1

* 3 Months Warranty
* LED power indicator.
* Overload protection.
* Short circuit protection.
* Over temperature protection.
* Compact and lightweight design.
* Perfect fitting and 100%

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